Terms and Conditions

After Dusk Dress Hire

Hire Policy

By hiring for After Dusk Dress Hire ADDH, you are accepting the terms of use and our Privacy Policy.

1. Definitions

1a) ADDH (we, our, us) means After Dusk Dress Hire (ABN 91267937013)

1b) The Client (renter, customer, you or your) means the client or any person acting on behalf of and with the authority of the client and /or the “cardholder.” (The cardholder being either the person that books the garment or pays for the garment) is incorporated into definition of the Client (and is considered as the client in addition to the person that wears the Garment) regardless of whether they are wearing the garment.

1c) “Garment” means all garments supplied on hire by ADDH to the client in accordance with these terms.

1d) “Hire Period” means the period that the client booked the garment for – starting from the day the client receives the garment, to the day it is returned to ADDH.

1e) “Hire Fee” (hire price, price) means the cost of the hire of the garment as agreed by ADDH and the Client.

2. Acceptance

2a) If you are under the age of 18, you represent and warrant in favour of ADDH, that you have reviewed the terms and conditions with your parent or legal guardian. We may ask that you have your parent’s or guardian’s permission and they have agreed to these terms on your behalf, and even if we do not do this, we will assume that this is the case and will provide access to our services on this basis.

3. Bond

3a) At the sole discretion of ADDH, a bond may be required, payable at the beginning of the Hire Period, at the time of order, which shall be refunded upon return of the garment/s in a condition acceptable to ADDH.

4. Hire Period and Late Fees

4a) Where the garment has not been returned by the agreed date, ADDH shall be entitled to charge an additional $10 per day until the garment is returned. The client
authorises ADDH to deduct such additional fees from the clients credit card which was provided at the time of order.

A garment can be booked for hire 2 months prior to the date required.
A reply paid package is delivered with the garment, to allow ease of return for the client.

4b) If the client has not returned the rental garment within 15 days after the return date, ADDH will consider the hire item as non-returned and will charge the clients credit card 200% of the recommended retail value, minus the hire fee and late fees that the client has already paid.

5. Dry Cleaning

ADDH will take care of the cleaning of garments between hires. The client agrees that they will not attempt to clean, press, alter or repair the dress.

6. Risk/Insurance

6a) If the garment is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, regardless of the cause, the Client will be liable to pay for the replacement of the item. The amount will be based on the replacement value of the item, the condition of the dress and the hire fee that the client has already paid.

7. Title to Hire Garment

7a) The garment is and at all times will remain the absolute property of ADDH

8. Defects

8a) The client shall inspect the garment on delivery or pick up and notify of any alleged defect, shortage in quantity, damage, failure to comply with what was ordered. A full refund will be issued to the client, should the garment be damaged or not in adherence to the order placed by the client.

8b) The client acknowledges that the garments which they are hiring for ADDH may not be in their original condition and therefore may be subject to general fair, wear and tear.

8c) The nature of general fair, wear and tear will be determined by ADDH in our sole discretion.

9. Sizing issues/returns/exchanges/cancellations

9a) The hire fees in connection with a garment are non-refundable, with the exception of clause 8a.

If an order needs to be cancelled by the client, it will need to be sent to ADDH in writing and must be at least 7 days prior to the order date. It will then be at the discretion of ADDH, as to whether a full refund is offered.