About Us

Two gorgeous daughters (and a handsome son) for me, meant two formals, two graduations, a lot of time, travel and money. I wouldn’t change it for the world as they both looked amazing and enjoyed themselves immensely.

It did start me thinking however, as the lovely dresses still hang in the cupboard, never to be worn again, despite the cries of “I will wear this again mum” when we were buying them.

On the trip back from Sydney after a try on, I began to ponder the idea of a dress hire business in the Central West.

Along with my youngest daughter Maddie, we created After Dusk, with the aim of providing fashion to all ages at an affordable cost.

Choose online, hire for the event and return to us. Nice and simple.

We are more than happy to offer a try-on service as well, particularly if you are local. We are located in Orange, with our service, of course, offering to have your dress delivered to you, regardless of your location.

Whilst we are still in our early stages, we are here to help and answer any enquires that you may have.

Look forward to helping you look amazing!

Sharon and Maddie